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Pegs Poetry

Margaret "Peg" Perry has always been close to her Lord Jesus Christ through his Church. The early 1970's brought some serious illness into her life. The result of the illness was much time alone with God. It was during this time she began to hear His voice and write down what she heard. There were times when she didn't even have any paper to write on when she heard His voice. Her poems and teachings were written on napkins, cancelled checks, or anything she could write on at that particular time. It has been well over 20 years since she started this journey of faith and there have been many turns in the road. I believe that her suffering and the years following were preparation for the work she does now at Maria's Garden & Inn. So when you read the poems, take your time and reflect on the words and meditate on the One who inspired them and the fruit they have generated.

Thank You,

Curtis Perry, her son

Love is Not a Little Word

Be At Peace With All Men

I Love You My Dear Jesus

I Have No Fear Of Pain

How Often Do We Stop And Think

Oh Children

A Special Gift of God

What is a Home

Look Up

As I Gather in My Children

As This Age Draws Nigh

The Joy of Tears

Oh The Splendor Of The Sky Above The Tongue Was Made To Praise The Lord My Mother’s Heart Is Warm Indeed
There Is A Favorite Summer Sport The Body of Christ The King Is Here!
Michael Who Art Thou Who Knew That Many Years Ago Mary
My God! My God! The Morn Is Clothed In Robes Of White I Am A Quiet Whisper
Judge Ye No Man Dear Father Sun Our Daily Actions
Alone Am I For Many Hours Tribute to Fatima Maria
Ode To The Housewife Man Proposes – 
God Disposes
Take A Test From Me Today
  God’s Grace Is Sufficient  


Pegs Corner

In all my years of growing up
I never understood
Such beauty of a Travelers Inn
The way that people should.

A centuries old tradition
We often overlook
So come along, go back in time
And take a second look.

Since time began and man did grow
To populate this earth
He had to travel from his home
And see what life was worth.

At first it was so peaceful
And time was then serene
The sky was then his blanket
To cover all his dreams.

Man did quickly multiply
As man did trust in man
And Inns sprang up to shelter
His travels through this land.

A Travelers Inn did God Himself
Choose many years ago
A place to put His family
The answer then was “No.”

No place for them, the Inn was full
No place for them to stay
Except to stay outside of course
Among a bed of hay.

Today, we feel so very blessed 
To make a Travelers Inn
And feel we give a bed to all
We give it still to Him.




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