A Special Gift of God

Date: July 2, 1976

A baby is a precious gem
No man can duplicate
And in itís little infant stage
He knows not love or hate

A baby nestles in the arms
Of his new dad and mother
With knowing nothing else but trust 
And looking to no other

A baby is that special gift
Given out of love
By God our heavenly Lord and Maker
Who watches from above

A baby now must grow to know 
There is a road ahead
And now itís up to each new parent
To share what Jesus said

A baby soon will grow to teens
As years will soon go by
And he will have to know the way
To heaven bye an bye

A baby now will look to mother
For all his tender needs 
And so there is a special duty
To show love by her deeds

A baby needs his fatherís strength
Someone who loves his home
A father he can pattern after
So he wonít want to roam

In short a baby is a jewel 
With price beyond compare
So we must cherish and protect
God placed him in our care.

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