What is a Home

Date: July 1976

Some say that “Home is where the heart is”
And others say – not so
But when you’ve grown and then look back
There was no place to go

Home is still that institution
Founded by our Maker
A place to put His little ones 
To learn of their Creator.

It is so sad in these dark days
How many are so busy
Rushing here and there to work
And end up in a tizzy

And then it takes a move of God
To then get their attention
There are so many ways He does it
Too numerous to mention

It could be through a death or illness
He puts us to our knees
Oh! Suddenly we step and pray
And ask Him “if you please”

It could be at that special moment
Our Lord gets our attention
To let us know how much He loves us
And takes away all tension

The Bible says “He is the same”
Yesterday, today, forever
And anyone who came to Him
refusals He did never

Now Jesus is our only hope 
For all who turn to Him
Behold “I stand outside and knock”
So please invite Him in

A home is not a loving home
If He is not the Head
No wonder if we leave Him out
Our live is full of dread

So turn off all those TV shows
That really lead to sin
And open up instead you Bible
And let His Spirit in

God through His Word has placed a way
For those who search to find
So let Him in and change your home
I know, for He changed mine.

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