Look Up

Date: August 21, 1976

These words came to me while riding on the lawn mower. I had to stop to write them:
Look up, look up, oh donít look down
A face that smiles, it cannot frown
Our Father wants to give us life
But Satan only gives us strife.

Our Father wants each little one
To know His love, just like His Son
He walked with Him, He talked with Him
And stayed by Him through thick and thin.

Then why must we feel all alone
when He is with us from His throne
Watching us all through each day
And listening to us as we pray.

He knows each cloud that passes by
And every tear that we might cry
If every bird He loves in flight
How precious are we in His sight.

Look not to man for all your praise
For it will only form a haze
But through a haze we only grope 
And seeing not, we only hope.

Look up, Look up, and clearly see 
We are each one, so dear to Thee.

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