As This Age Draws Nigh

Date: September 22, 1976

As this age draws nigh, and God looks around
There’s many lost sheep out there to be found
Hiding in darkness, no shepherd in sight
Just wondering about and seeing no light

Oh poor little sheep, you have no direction 
without a Good Shepherd, there is not protection
Now wolves are about, just watching their prey
For each little sheep to wander astray

As Jesus did teach, He described us as sheep!
He told us to trust ourselves to His keep
But just like a sheep, we’ve all tried to roam
The farther we got, the more lost from our home.

Oh thank you Good Shepherd for you never sleep
The flock in your care, no man loves so deep
Your arms are so gentle as You gather and hold
So close to your bosom, the sheep of Your fold

In love and protection You open each door
that leads us to God, who sent You before
To be our true Shepherd, who laid down His life
And defeated each for, who robes us in strife.

The way of our life is just like the sheep
Our Father above provides food and our sleep
We should be content to stay with our flock
With Jesus our Shepherd, Our Lord and our Rock.

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