Oh The Splendor Of The Sky Above

Date: October 10, 1976

Oh the splendor of the sky above
No artist can portray
The love that God has shown to man
To witness day by day.

I see a cloud and then it’s gone
Appearing now are rays
They’re reaching down to draw a drink 
From oceans, streams and bays.

Now God will store our vast supply
Of rain for future needs
We must completely look to Him
Our Lord, the God who feeds.

I thank you Lord that with each rain
and blessing you bestow
You’re everlasting covenant
A magnificent rainbow.

Below are mountains reaching high
They glisten like pure gold
If this is just a glimpse of heaven
What beauty we’ll behold.

These gifts of love are all around 
For us to stop and see
It even takes away a breath
To see the changing of a tree.

What God’s prepared for us in love
“Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard”
And I believe all this as truth
It’s from His Holy Word.

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