My Motherís Heart Is Warm Indeed

Date: January 1977

at 7:30 AM
My motherís heart is warm indeed 
She takes Me to her side
And folds her gentle arms about
She is My Fatherís guide

In her My Father placed this life
And blessed Me in her womb
Her heart so broken went with me
Upon the cross and to the tomb

What joy was hers that blessed day
I rose up from the grave
To bring the proof that I am He
Who came to heal and save

O mother, mother at My side
Youíre always there with Me
And honor will be yours someday
The world sees Me with Thee

My Father loves my blessed mother
He planned her out of love
The message sent to her from Him
Was ďblessedĒ from above

Thank you Father for Your words
That never pass away
And ďBlessed for all generationsĒ
Mean words for us today

Dear mother of each Fatherís child
Your plan in lifeís the same
So walk with Me as mother did
And love will be a flame

Then winds can blow and storms arise
And earth can rock and shake
But nothing can put out that flame
Because your hand in Mine Iíll take.

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