There Is A Favorite Summer Sport

Date: February 1977

There is a favorite summer sport
And many call it fun
It takes a boat, a bit of skill
A lake or river Ďneath the sun

The object of the game is thrills
Those whoíve tried it say
ďIt took away my worried thoughts 
And give me peace that dayĒ

With this remark to those who hear
A thought then springs to mind
Itís just what Iíve been looking for
For that Iíll take the time

What is this sport that I can learn
And to a book Iíll run
To read and try directions
Iím drawn to thrills and fun

Itís water skiing Ė not so new
Be taught by one whoís tried
A skillful teacher Heís become
So let Him be your guide

Heíll teach you how to hold the rope
With skis beneath your feet
And pull you from a down position
Atop the water deep

But holding fast is now a must
To glide across the top
As underneath youíd sink so fast
If youíd let go or stop

Now with this picture drawn to mind
Letís change the scene to see 
That Peterís walk on top of water
Was no incredibility
There is a favorite summer sport
This ark is pulling out to sea
Our Lord is casting lines
Heíll pull you up to be His bride
And bless you for all times

If youíre not sure and youíre in doubt
I pray that you will look
And see just how to find this joy
Itís in the Holy Book.

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