The Body of Christ

Date: July 1977

1 Corinthians 12:12-30
This is a poem the Lord spoke to me. He showed me a broken body. The church is the body of Christ – yet,
Jesus’ body was never broken (John 19:31) God made everything to be whole and within everybody there is a
healing. If a bone is broken, a doctor can set the bones in place but the healing takes place when the bones
are joined and within the body is healing. If the bones are joined at the wrong place when the bones knit
together the body will be crippled. We are living in a time when the church (the Body of Christ) has been
broken since the reformation. This poem (arms and legs represent denominations and divisions) describes
the Body of Christ. Jesus never planned a broken church. Man has separated His Body which is One – The

As I am writing this I begin to see – the more man breaks His bones (His Church) The more He suffers and
Our Blessed Mother suffers. Because no mother can see her son suffer without pain.

These arms and legs all made by God
Are joined by many parts
That work together from within
And nourished by our hearts.

Some hidden parts we never see
Are working just the same 
If broken they can’t function 
A leg could then be lame.

It could affect our arms or sight
And useless we’d soon be
But God would send someone to care
For you’re His property.

Yet Jesus came from God above
To live within our hearts
and give this body His great love
That Cares for all these parts

God’s plan for man does far exceed 
The reason of our mind
He wants our body to be whole
So let’s not look behind.

Now try to put your thoughts ahead
To see just how we’re made
For every broken arm or leg 
A healing price was paid.

God’s love for us was in His son
Who came to show the way
Just as he did in years gone by
To Noah in his day.

The Body of Christ
So Jesus came to build His church
An ark to enter in
The door is open to each child
The fee – repent of sin.

A body of redeemed – His church
Of this, we now are part
But this can only be accomplished
By those who have His Heart.

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