The King Is Here!

Date: July 1977

The King is here! The King is here!
Were shouts heard through the town
By men and women, boys and girls
For miles and miles around

I wish Id known, I heard some say
For sleeping in my bed was I 
And deep in slumber I heard not
while they did joyfully cry

How sad and hurt I was to miss
The splendor He arrayed
If I had known the news before 
A nightly vigil Id have made

But others knew, I wondered how 
For it was stillness of the night
What was the light they saw to guide
A beacon ray of light?

But beacons were in short supply
So that could hardly be
To furnish them for all whod gone
Was an impossibility

But suddenly my mind did flash
A scripture case alive
The parable that Jesus spoke
In Matthew twenty-five.

I was among the foolish virgins
whod left their oil run out
The time is past and I am sad
with others all about

O Jesus why was I so blind
A question Howd they see?
The answer I received from Him
They put their trust in Me

I know youre wondering how I knew
The King had come and gone
You see before I went to sleep
I left my tape recorder on.

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