Michael Who Art Thou

Date: March 1978

Oh Michael, Michael who art thou
I’ve never seen your face
And yet I’m told you’re all around
The very “Throne of Grace”

Dear Michael you are surely blested
As you behold His face
My God of love and tenderness
The very “Throne of Grace”

Since time began you’ve been a shield
God sends you out in haste
As guardian of your people from
The very “Throne of Grace”

Just as it was when Daniel prayed
You made a rapid pace (Daniel 10:1-3)
To guard the message sent from God
The very “Throne of Grace”

Now who can know the mind of God
We are a childish race
But we can trust you’ll be it’s guard
The very “Throne of Grace”

Defend us in this time of need (Revelations 12:7)
Your church and leaders great
And thank you God of our archangel
Sent by Your “Throne of Grace.”

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