Date: August 1, 1978

(I had just finished “Sorrow Mystery of Rosary.” Cory’s birthday.)

(Revelations 12:5) A special mother chose by God
whose Son will rule with iron rod
The message came so long ago
A girl so young, she couldn’t know

(Luke 1:38) With Trust in god “Thy will be done”
In her Spirit bore His Son
A child herself, who knew no pain
Would teach a love, the soul could gain

(Luke 3:23) For thirty years, He was your boy
To live with love, and give you joy
And as He grew in age and grace
Could you foresee, His mournful face?

(John 19:23) You watched Him suffer, you watched Him die
And you dear mother, uttered no cry
A mother’s heart so torn apart
Each strip He bore, cut through your heart

(Luke 23:55) Could we but know the love you gave
your heart that bled, right to His grave
I wonder if my heart could stand
The pain, rejection, the blows of man

(Luke 1:28) God surely made you “full of grace”
The mother of our Savior’s face
And how can we, but sinful man
Foresee our Father’s loving plan

(Luke 2:35) ‘Tis trust in Him, who knows all things 
And brings the joy, resurrection bring
Yet Simon on that joyful day,
Now told what God would have him say

(1 Corinthians 12:12) A joyful mother, with mournful heart
your heart still suffers, as man tears apart
The body of your Son today
So pray for us, lost sheep that stray.

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