My God! My God!

Date: November 15, 1978

My God! My God! This great abyss
That we alone can make
In our own ways, we can’t conceive
The paths which we must take

Could we but fathom Your great mind
And know Your loving ways
T’would make our sojourn here in life
Just peaceful passing days.

But You, Oh God! Who always was
And made us all from earth
Your heart must break to see that man
Cannot foresee his worth

A thing of beauty, a work of art
Which You alone assemble
To be a child in Your own image
Let’s see if we resemble

Oh word, Made Flesh, to dwell with us
To live within our hearts
I wonder if, along the way
Some thing destroyed some parts

So let us pray, each little child
“Please Make us whole again
Now search our heart and mind and soul
And make us one to Him.”

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