The Morn Is Clothed In Robes Of White

Date: February 17, 1979

The morn is clothed in robes of white
As birds are flying to and fro
Looking for their daily food 
That lies beneath the snow.

Oh little ones, with gentle grace
Our feathered beauty friend
A story told in beauty
Yet swifter than the wind

Do you think, and do you love
I wonder little bird
Just what it is that gives you flight
By instinct, have you heard?

Our heavenly Father, your great God
Is Lord of all creation
ĎTis hard to fathom so great love
He showers every nation

Could I but travel this vast earth
Just looking at each bird
So many species Iíve not seen
Of some, Iíve never heard.

Since time began, along with man
What stories you unfold
Creations loving gift to us
A painterís beauty to behold.

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