Dear Father Sun

Date: October 29, 1979
(Malaeki 3:20, Luke 1:78, Wisdom 5:6)

Dear Father sun and Mother moon
And all our brother stars
There is so much to learn of you 
From Jupiter to Mars.

I woke this morn to gaze about 
As dawn was peeping through
The end of night, the start of day.
Another gift from you.

There is so much to learn of you
Our feeble mind is weak 
Like babies under motherís arms 
To guard us as we seek.

The earth, the sun, the moon and stars
Are made to know you Lord
We come from dust and back to dust
So sin, we canít afford.

In life, our struggles, sometimes great
We think we cannot stand
As life goes on and we look back
We see your helping hand.

Without the sun to guide each day
Each life would all be night
Not knowing those around us
In dark there is no sight

Inside each man there is a life
A breath that never dies
Made by a God who loves us
Creator of the skies

Our breath of life is like the day
We have a son to guide
To give us light and guard each day
From Him, we never hide

In God, our Father who is Son
We reflect like moon
And as sons like brother stars
We live in one big room.

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