Alone Am I For Many Hours

Date: February 20, 1981

Alone am I for many hours
Throughout the day and into night
Outside the door, the children run
Seeking wrong and right

If only they would come inside
And spend some time with Me
T’would rest their weary heart and mind
So happy I would be.

Alone am I behind the veil
Day and night before your eyes
Your King of Kings, your Lord of Lords
Creator of the skies

Could you not spend one hour with Me
Throughout your busy day
Or would you rather roam about
To find the place to pray

Alone am I inside this ark
Where Moses’ guidance come to b3e
So you must too before Me come
And spend some time with Me

I will whisper to your heart 
And heal your eyes and ears
That you may see and hear more clear
Through all your future years.

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