Ode To The Housewife

Date: March 22, 1985

To look inside the housewife
And see what God must see
One first could take a mirror
To gaze a look on thee.

A pair of eyes is what is seen
The wisdom of the soul
And when the eyes reflect with grace
The housewife then is whole.

She is so blest, the little wife
So look around and see
Outside the sun is shining
And sprayed a ray on thee.

Oh ray come through my window
And show each speck of dust
But little housewife you just cleaned
And made a special fuss.

It was so tidy just before
Not any dirt in sight
The cleaning cloth that picked it up
It seemed to do all right.

Oh yes it did a proper job 
And housewife’s home was clean
But to the naked eye 
The house had not a gleam

Since time began, the eyes of man
The windows of the soul
Are seen so many types of homes
And God can make it whole

To clean each nook and cranny
And give a special gleam
And through the eyes of that dear housewife
Is seen a house that’s clean.

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