Man Proposes Ė God Disposes

Date: January 28, 1986
(When the Challenger Space Craft blew up in space.)

Man proposed a trip
To outer space, one day
He planned the course
And mapped the charts
And all began to say
I wonder if Ė someday in time
Man can reach the moon
To see what God has planned in space
I hope it will be soon
In time the dream that man proposed 
Became reality
Astronauts went up in space
To see what God could see.
To think that by our sacrifice
We helped to fund this plan
The TV and the radio
Could show it all to man.
For seven years, the question
Frustrations and the tears
The program was successful
And seemed to calm menís fears
But then one day we watch the screen
To see this shot in space
Before Menís very anxious eyes
The Challenger erased.

God proposed a trip for man
Before all time began
And from this earth he molded him
A new love now began.
From Adamís side a woman friend
Was planned there from the start
A program of creation 
was joined by Godís own heart.
In our atomic age of space
When man explores unknown
He enters into womanís womb
Destroys a child thatís known
Yes! Known by God, since time began
Who made the outer space
So if we fund abortion 
We ought to hide our face.
(Isnít it interesting that this mission was abortive.)

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