Take A Test From Me Today

Date Unknown

Take a test from Me today
To see how youíve grown 
And then youíll find the answers
To problems youíve not known

Now, first of all, you have to stop
And put away your chore
All set to settle down with Me
Just like you did before

Begin with closing both your eyes
Say ďpraise and thanksĒ to me
The words you said are music
Which binds My heart to thee

Itís time to open just one eye
And peak out now to see
Your vision now is only part,
Of how you look at Me

Now time to open up both eyes
And look around the room
Thereís not one thing that Iím not in
Iím even in a broom

I give you all the needs each day
You never stop and think
Right now please turn your eyes
Toward the kitchen sink

No water could come through that pipe
All comes from Me of course
By reservoir or well 
All things are from My source

You couldnít make your toast today
Without current in the outlet
All things are coming from a source
So often man forgets

Now as you read this poem
Speak the words aloud
To let your ears now hear the words
Not coming from a cloud

I am our source an Iím in you.
You only need to know
So take the time to plug Me in
My child I love you so.

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